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About Our Sanctuary

We offer a forever home for all of the donkeys here on sanctuary.We also network with other local rescues to help place donkeys in need from our area.

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What We Do

12 years ago we offered our time and farm to be a volunteer satellite facility for Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue. As we became more involved and knowledgeable about donkeys, we realized that there was a huge need for assisting donkeys here in our area. So, rather than bring donkeys here, we have decided to help our local long ears. We have also recognized their innate ability to be very good as therapy animals. Our next chapter will be to venture into helping adults and children with the special nature of donkeys.


We moved to Oregon 16 years ago from Arizona . We bought this 40 acre farm and have now dedicated ourselves to advancing the status of donkeys and highlighting their wonderful personalities and gentle nature. These often overlooked animals are certainly owed a debt of gratitude for all of their sacrifice to help build our country. We both also have full-time jobs. Rhonda works from home in the world of equities and Jim is currently a pilot for a major airline.

Who We Are

Join the Cause

Help us spread the word! Donkeys deserve better and you can help by sharing our Instagram and Facebook pages and please tag us after you visit and post your photographs! We are also listed on Yelp,Google and Great .Any feedback and reviews are  greatly appreciated! Let your friends know we're here! We thank you for your continued support!

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