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Get Involved

We are accepting a limited number of volunteers that can spend at least one day each month on a regular basis  to help us care for the donkeys. Duties include brushing, picking hooves, morning or evening feeding and general chores around the farm. You may also be invited to help guide our visitors and educate them about each donkey and their back-story. We may also ask you to help with our fundraisers each quarter. 

Support our expansion with an indoor arena and new therapy barn!Check our new Gofundme!

You Can Make a Difference

An easy way to help us continue to offer excellent care for these wonderful animals is to make a donation! Monthly, annually, or a one time donation ensures their safety and comfort here. 100% of all donations go to care for the one takes a salary here! 

Our organization is now also available on Amazon Smile. Select us as your charity and support our sanctuary when you shop!

If you live in Oregon, you can also find us as a registered charity on the BottleDrop and transfer funds from your Bottledrop account.  Below, you will find a link to our current "wish list" on Amazon.

Thank you!

Amazon Wish List


By appointment

15900 S Thayer road, 

Oregon City, OR 97045

By Phone            E-mail


Sponsor a friend

Adopt a Friend!

You can pick any donkey that you fancy and be their "sponsor" Sponsors will receive an annual update on their donkey! Just send us an email and let us know which donkey you would like to sponsor. Sponsorships are available in three levels:  $10, $25 and $50 a month, and we'll send you an adoption certificate via email and updates on their progress and adventures. Brays of thanks!

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