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Mike and Leon

Inseparable mini geldings

Birth year: 2014 (Mike) & 2012 (Leon)

Intake date: 4/1/2021

Mike and Leon lived in Hillsboro at a children’s school and camp until they were tragically afflicted, along with their owner, by arsenic poisoning from their well. Their owner asked the sanctuary to take Mike and Leon in. They arrived with neurological issues, tendon weakness, and muscle spasms, along with high glucose and insulin levels. They have made massive improvements since their arrival–Mike in particular has recovered well, while Leon continues to suffer from weak tendons in his back legs. Leon’s hooves grow incredibly quickly and need frequent trims, but the dual approach of kinesiology tape and targeted massages have helped him continue to heal.

Mike and Leon are inseparable but have their own distinct personalities. Mike is spunky and tries to get out all his ‘happy’ at once, while Leon is more reserved and prefers to slowly walk around or lay in the sand pit with Gage. Even when Mike is far more active than Leon, he always returns to hang out with his buddy.

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