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Standard gelding

Birth year: 2002

Intake date: 5/29/2021

Gage is a native of Utah, where he lived as a wild burro on the range, and was rounded up in 2018 by the Bureau of Land Management. He lived in temporary holding facilities in Arizona and Washington before making his way to the sanctuary. Somewhere along his journey, his right front knee was severely injured and didn’t heal properly, so he has some difficulty getting around. Unfortunately, specialists have confirmed not much could be done for him surgically. Gage is a trooper, though. While he was a loner when he first arrived, preferring to bask in the sand pit on sunny days, he has developed friends within the herd. He and Blossom have been known to groom one another, and the other jennies, as well as Mike and Leon, will often join his sunning time. Gage’s back molars have been ground down too much to allow him to eat hay, so he gets a special diet to ensure he can receive all necessary nutrition. It doesn’t stop him from turning to humans–not only for affection and scritches, but also for cookies!

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