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Standard gelding

Birth year: 2010

Intake date: 8/27/2017

We rescued Huey and his brother Dave from an abusive and neglectful situation in Washougal, WA in 2017. Living in a poor pasture with all kinds of livestock commingled, given no shelter and no hay, Huey and Dave had been scheduled for slaughter before we arrived. A former neighbor relayed the following story to us when we picked them up: one night, a cow was giving birth in the pouring rain. Huey stood over the newborn calf to shield it from the rain until the mother had enough strength to stand and care for her baby. He and his brother Dave stood watch all night to make sure mother and child were safe. After several months of physical and emotional rehabilitation, Huey blossomed and is now a happy member of the herd. Understandably, he likes to set firm boundaries. He is a little overshadowed by his brother Dave, and sometimes acts out for attention (who wouldn’t?).

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