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Tall standard gelding

Birth year: 2007

Intake date: 7/9/2010

The longest-term resident of the sanctuary, JoJo is number one in seniority among the geldings. JoJo arrived on July 9, 2010 from Tehachapi, CA as a transfer from Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue. He had a lot of trauma from being used for roping practice in Texas. Unlike calves, who are considered valuable enough that they’re only roped a few times in their lives, roping donkeys are used for practice over and over again. Their physical anatomy is much more vulnerable to injury, not to mention the mental and emotional strain of being run down and tied continuously. JoJo was terrified of everything upon his arrival, but with time and patience he has become the Danny Zuko of the donkeys, whose special skill is removing other donkeys’ halters. He is very much a mama’s boy, though–when human mom Rhonda calls for him, he comes running!

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