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Miniature gelding

Birth year: 2013

Intake date: 12/3/2021

Larry is a big donkey trapped in a miniature donkey’s body. He and his friend Darryl came to the sanctuary when their original owner had to move and could no longer keep donkeys. Upon his arrival, Larry was a “whole jack” (an uncastrated male) and he was gelded a few days after arrival. Sadly, Darryl passed away a few months later from an intestinal obstruction. Larry has sought a long-term roommate since then. He first buddied up with Erwin, who famously loves our miniature donkeys, but after an amicable breakup he moved into the big barn with the other boys, where he has become best friends with Peanut. Larry is a sweet soul, and his small size as well as his patience make him a perfect candidate for our budding therapeutic program.

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