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Miniature gelding

Birth year: 2018

Intake date: 12/16/2023

Five-year-old Loki’s background was already rich with experiences
and challenges prior to joining the ODS family. Loki was the first
spotted foal born into a new breeding program in Arizona. Showing
signs of neurological issues and physical obstacles, was rejected by
his unpracticed mother at only 3 months old. Weakened and frail, Loki
was prematurely delivered to a museum in Bisbee, AZ to take part in
an educational based mining program and to serve as a companion to
one of their resident donkeys, Paco. Together and bonded, Loki and
Paco acted as ambassadors and educators representing the program
until its closure during the pandemic. This closure brought the pair to
Southern Oregon along with their owner. Showing signs of isolation
and distress in their new environment, Loki and Paco were
surrendered to Oregon Donkey Sanctuary and became a part of the
drove in late 2023. At ODS, Loki continues his love of running,
roaming, playing in puddles and is learning new skills with support
from donkey and human friends alike. Loki continues his kindred
partnership with Paco.

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