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Standard jenny

Birth year: 2002

Intake dates: 3/10/2012; 11/28/2021

Rose originally came to the sanctuary when it was a donkey rescue and adoption organization. She and her mother Daffodil, along with four other jennies, had been abandoned for over a year on land that was insufficient to feed them. Rose and Daffodil were adopted out to a new owner, but when Daffodil passed away in 2021, Rose needed the socialization offered by returning to the sanctuary. Her return was an adjustment; she started off tentative and shy, but Wilma, Blossom, and Keke helped her to adjust. She now enjoys both donkey and human companionship. She has no tolerance for shenanigans or bullying between residents and stands up for her friends. One of her closest friends at the sanctuary is Daisy, who also lost her mother.

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