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Shrek & Fiona

Standard Gelding & Standard Jenny

Birth year: 2004 & 1997

Intake date: 8/4/2012, 10/11/2022, & 5/25/2023

Initially surrendered to us in 2012 with two other jennys, Shrek and Fiona have been inseparable since Shrek’s birth. Fiona was rounded up from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in California – the freeze brand on her neck tells us when she was born and where she lived. Since Shrek does not have a
brand, we know that he was born after Fiona left the care of the BLM. A recent DNA test has confirmed that Shrek is Fiona’s son.

These delightful donks were adopted in 2013, but their owners divorced and asked us to find them a new home. We found what we thought was a perfect place nearby and checked in with their new owner often to ensure they were receiving the level of care to which they had grown accustomed. We received
a call from their new owner informing us that they needed us to come pick Shrek & Fiona up to care for them while they underwent medical treatment. Upon our arrival, we saw that Shrek & Fiona’s living conditions were not what we were initially shown when we vetted the property and subsequently dropped them off. After bringing them home to ODS, we noticed immediately that Shrek had a pronounced limp and was painful on his front left foot. X-rays and a veterinary visit later it was determined that he had a large abscess in the center of his hoof that we could not rectify with a trim. An appointment was made to take him to OSU for surgery where the doctors gave him a 30% chance of survival. Between the resilience of this charming animal, the love of his devoted mom, and the tenacity of his caregivers at ODS, Shrek has made a full recovery, and his hoof is back to normal.

Now that we are through the woods of Shrek’s health crisis, we are able to bask in the warmth of the love of these two incredible donkeys. Shrek & Fiona have shown us their strength of will, love for each other, and their kind dispositions. These two are a joyful addition to our drove where Shrek keeps a watchful eye on Fiona and Fiona defends her boy fiercely and helps him choose his friends wisely.

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