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Miniature gelding

Birth year: 1994

Intake dates: 2/13/2022; 6/6/2022

Like several of our donkeys, Vincent is a two-time resident at ODS. When we first met him, Vincent was a tiny, scraggly, burr-covered, whole jack donkey left abandoned at a vacant barn owned by the Columbia Port Authority. Vincent had belonged to a man who frequently found himself homeless. Vincent traveled with him, but sadly his owner began to suffer from dementia and Vincent ended up at the property. It’s clear that Vincent was loved and never abused, his owner just didn’t have the capacity to provide the care he needed–like gelding. We helped rehome Vincent to a family in Ridgefield, WA that wanted a friend for their two miniature geldings. However, his testosterone level due to being intact was too much for him, and he would attack them. It became clear that if Vincent was ever to live peacefully with other donkeys, he needed to be gelded, so he went through that procedure in March of 2022 at OSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital. We believe he is the oldest donkey ever to be castrated, at 28 years old. Since his recovery, Vincent has mellowed out into a lovable dog who loves being fed and petted. He is incredibly expressive. Vincent has found a forever friend in his roommate Erwin, who is known for adoring the resident minis.

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