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Large standard gelding

Birth year: 2005

Intake date: 12/3/2010

Steady Wilbur is the rock of the sanctuary and a quiet teacher’s pet. Never demanding of attention, he nevertheless presides over the herd and nudges everyone to coexist peacefully. Wilbur came to us as a surrender from Washougal, WA in 2010, when his owner passed away. When he arrived, he had a severe case of fibroblastic sarcoids, which are aggressive but benign bloody tumors, on several areas of his body. They were removed but came back several times. Over the course of several years, after repeated surgeries and implanted cisplatin beads, the sarcoids finally disappeared. We rely on Wilbur’s rock-solid disposition to help us show new donkeys how to behave. He loves the minis and has helped to teach manners to them over many years. With all his various activities, he considers himself too busy for grooming.

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